Malachite Green Seed Coating Colorant

Product Name: Malachite Green Seed Coating Colorant


» Color: Green

» C.I. No.: 42000

» CAS No.:  14426-28-9

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Product Name: Malachite Green Seed Coating Colorant
Classification: Basic dye
Application: Used for seed coating dye
Malachite Green Seed Coating Colorant is a warning color for pesticide preparations. Some granules, seed coating agents, powders for seed dressing and other pesticide preparations are highly toxic pesticides. In order to prevent accidental human and animal poisoning accidents, pesticide plants add dyes to the chemicals during production to dye the chemicals into various colors. The color added is called the alert color.

Basic Malachite Green can also be used for coloring cultural paper products, acrylic fiber, silk, wool, vinegar fiber, tannin dyeing cotton fiber dyeing, acrylic dyeing fastness is acceptable. It can also be used for the dyeing of leather and hemp, the coloring of bamboo and wood, and the manufacture of lakes and solvent dyes.


Malachite Green Seed Coating Colorant Specification

» CAS NO: 14426-28-9
» Molecular formula: C23H25N2

Malachite Green Seed Coating Colorant Chemical properties:

Green with shinning crystals. Easily soluble in water, extremely soluble in ethanol, all showing blue-green.

The dye is yellow in concentrated sulfuric acid and turns dark orange when diluted; in concentrated nitric acid it is orange-brown and the sodium hydroxide is added to its aqueous solution to produce a greenish-white precipitate.

Dyeing at a high temperature of 120℃ without changing the shade. Dyeing fastness to acrylic on grade 4-5.

Except malachite green crystal, we also produce rhodamine b dye which used for rose red seed coating. Welcome your inquiry.


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