Victoria Blue BO

Product Name: Basic Victoria BO/338 Victoria Pure Blue BO


» C.I. Name: Basic blue 7

» Appearance: Powder & crystal can be manufactured

» C.I. No.: 42595

» CAS No.: 2390-60-5

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Established in 1995, XCWY can not only provide good quality Victoria Blue BO power & crystal,  but also we can give more workable suggestions for application.

Victoria Blue BO crystal form is shinning big crystals, which is soluble in both cold water and hot water.


Victoria Blue BO Specification

» Product name: Basic victoria BO/ 338 Victoria Pure Blue BO

» Type : Basic dyes

» C.I. NO.: 42595

» CAS NO.: 2390-60-5

» Other names: 338 Victoria Pure Blue BO



Victoria Blue BO Basic Information

Basic Information

Product Name

Basic Victoria Blue BO

Colour Index 

Basic blue 7

Colour Index No.






Similar to the standard
      Strength% 100%


Shinning Dark Green Crystals or brown powder
    Moisture %≤ 1.2

Insoluble Matter %≤



It is very soluble in water and alcohol

Basic victoria BO application

When dyeing silk, if dyed with direct light-resistant turquoise blue GB or direct lake blue 5B, then dyed with basic victoria BO, the resulting brilliant color is beyond that any other dyes.

This product is mostly used for coloring paper, bamboo and wood products, as well as for making blue ink, biological and bacterial tissue coloring.

Used in the manufacture of ballpoint pen oil, carbon paper and waxed paper. It can also be used to dye bamboo and wood and to make color lakes. It can also be used for dyeing cotton, acrylic and silk.

XCWY Basic Blue Ranges

Dye name C.I. Name
Victoria Blue BO Crystals C.I.Basic Blue 7 
Victoria Blue BO Powder  C.I.Basic Blue 7 
Methylene Blue BB C.I. Basic Blue 9
Victoria Blue R   C.I.Basic Blue 11
Victoria Blue B  C.I.Basic Blue 26 

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