Basic Blue 7

Product Name: Victoria Pure Blue BO/Basic Brilliant Blue BO



» C.I. Name: Basic blue 7

» C.I. No.: 42595

» CAS No.: 2390-60-5

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At XCWY Chem, we are a recognized basic blue 7 dye manufacturer company in China. Our basic blue 7 is soluble in water and alcohol very easily. 

Focusing on the production of basic blue 7 powder and crystal for more than 20 years, our basic blue dyes have advantages of better brightness, good coloring power and best fastness properties.

So far, our basic blue ranges include basic blue 3, basic blue 7, basic blue 9, basic  blue 26 and so on, they have pure strength, better value and better uniformity.


Basic Blue 7 Specification

» Basic Dyes Name: Victoria Pure Blue BO/Basic brilliant blue BO

» Colour Index: C.I.Basic blue 7

» CAS No.: 2390-60-5

»  Usage: Paper Dyestuffs, Ink Dyestuffs, Wood Dyestuffs


Basic Blue 7 Basic Information

Basic Information

Product Name

Basic victoria blue BO

Colour Index

C.I. Basic  blue 7





Similar With Standard
           Strength  100%


Shinning green crystal or brown powder
        Moisture %≤  2

Insoluble Matter %≤



Very soluble in water and alcohol

Notices for Selecting & Purchasing Basic Blue 7

1. Consumers need to have a detailed understanding of the basic blue 7 manufacturers and brands, including the company’s production strength and technical strength;

2. Secondly, we need to know about the specifications, models and price parameters of the products. We should choose basic blue 7 with high quality and reasonable price and suitable for ourselves by synthesizing a variety of products.

3. In addition to the above two points of attention, the details of the product can not be ignored, such as product quality. If you need long term business relationship, we suggest to visit the supplier factory.

4. In addition to the quality of products, one point is the incidental service items of products, such as the transportation of products and after-sales services.

XCWY Basic Blue Ranges

Dye name C.I. Name
Victoria Blue BO Crystals C.I.Basic Blue 7 
Victoria Blue BO Powder  C.I.Basic Blue 7 
Methylene Blue BB C.I. Basic Blue 9
Victoria Blue R   C.I.Basic Blue 11
Victoria Blue B  C.I.Basic Blue 26 

XCWY Blue Dyes Ranges

» Basic blue dye

» Cationic blue dye

» Direct blue dye


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