Cationic Fluorescent Yellow X-10GFF

Product Name: Cationic Fluorescent Yellow X-10GFF


» C.I. Name: Basic yellow 40

» CAS No.: 29556-33-0


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XCWY company was established in the year 1995. We are manufacturer and exporter of cationic dyes,basic dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes, solvent dyes.

Especially our Cationic Fluorescent Yellow X-10GFF has exported to various countries and enjoy good reputation at home and abroad.


Cationic Fluorescent Yellow X-10GFF Specification

Cationic Dyes Name: Cationic Fluorescent Yellow X-10GFF

• Colour Index: C.I.Basic yellow 40

• CAS No.: 29556-33-0

• Usage: Acrylic Fibres Dyestuffs, Leather Dyestuffs, Paper Dyestuffs, Copying Paper Dyestuffs , Ink Dyestuffs ,Silk Dyestuffs,

Cationic Fluorescent Yellow X-10GFF Basic Information

Basic Information

Product Name

Cationic Fluorescent Yellow X-10GFF

Colour Index 

C.I. Basic Yellow 40





Similar With Standard
           Strength 300%


Uniform Yellow Powder
       PH Value  2-5


Very soluble in water and alcohol

 Our basic yellow advantages

» Salt-free inkjet grade or low salt but high purity;

» Superior filtration and good stability;

»  Pure color, wide gamut, complete variety

» Reliable quality and reasonable price

XCWY company has two factories, control unit, laboratories & warehousing, for efficient and effective delivery and we can give workable suggestion as per customers’ specific requirement.

If you are looking for the basic yellow 40 cationic yellow dyes, cationic blue dyes, cationic red dyes., welcome to contact with us.


Contact person: Miss Jessie Geng

Mobilephone/Whatsapp: +86-13503270825

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