Sulphur Black Grains

Product Name: Sulphur Black Grains


» C.I. Name: Sulphur black 1

» CAS No.: 1326-82-5

»  Packing: 25kg/ bag/drum

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XCWY sulphur black grains strength covers from 100% -240%, which has greenish and reddish tone. 

With reliable quality and competitive prices, our sulphur black grains have exported to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mexico, India, Thailand, Vietnam and so on. 

So far, the sulphur black grains have been widely used for coloration of cotton, yarn and jeans fabric.


Sulphur Black Grains Specification

» Sulphur black BR200% 501
  Sulphur black BR200% 588 (522)
  Sulphur black BR240% 501
  Sulphur black BR240% 588 (522)
  Sulphur black B 200% 521

» Appearance: Shinning grains

» Shade: Similar with standard

» Moisture: <6.0%

» Content of insoluble substances in sodium sulfide: ≤0.7

» Free sulfur content: ≤0.5%

» Usage: Mainly used for dyeing cotton textiles.

» Packing: 25 kg net weight per woven bag.

Sulphur Black Grains Information

Basic Information

Product Name

Sulphur black br

Colour Index 

C.I. sulphur black 1





Similar With Standard
           Strength 100%-240%


Shinning black crystals


Insoluble in water

Why choose XCWY to buy sulfur black grains?

» Direct manufacturer to provide direct goods, No middleman earns the margin.

» Factory can provide quality assurance, we can solve it in case any problem

» Professional lab facilities, we can test your sample to know the accurate strength and send copy samples

» Packing and mark can be customized as per your requirement.


Contact person: Miss Jessie Geng

Mobilephone/Whatsapp: +86-13503270825

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