Sulphur Black BR

Product Name: Sulphur black BR


» C.I. Name: Sulphur black 1

» CAS No.: 1326-82-5

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The solid sulphur black br dyes produced by XCWY Company adopts automatic production technology and study hard in the raw material control and quality inspection system.

The sulphur black br production technology is more professional and mature, the product quality is more stable and the performance is better.

With the stable quality, excellent appearance and usability, our sulphur black br 100%-240% has won the favor of customers from all over the world.

For the sulphur black, our solid and liquid sulphur black are all available for production.


Sulphur Black BR Specification

» Shinning Black Crystals

» Greenish Tone & Reddish Tone Both

» Strength: 100% -240% various for choose

» Annual Output: 15,000 tons; 

Sulphur Black Br Information

Basic Information

Product Name

Sulphur black br

Colour Index 

C.I. sulphur black 1





Similar With Standard
           Strength 100%-240%


Shinning black crystals
        Moisture %≤ 5

Insoluble Matter %≤



Insoluble in water

In order to reduce or prevent fibre brittleness, the following points should be paid attention to after dyeing with sulphur black br dye:

» The amount of sulphur black dyes should be limited, and the amount of mercerized primary dyes should not exceed 700 g/bag. Because the amount of dye is high, the chance of brittleness is great, and the fastness of dyeing is reduced, so it is difficult to wash.

» After dyeing, it is necessary to wash the yarn thoroughly to prevent it from being unclean. The float color of the yarn is easy to decompose into sulfuric acid during storage and make the fibers brittle.

» After dyeing, it must be treated with urea, soda ash and sodium acetate to prevent brittleness.

» The dyed yarn should be dried in time, because the wet yarn is easy to heat in the stacking process, which reduces the content of anti-brittleness agent and the pH value of the yarn, which is not conducive to anti-brittleness.


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