100% Liquid Sulphur Black

Product Name: 100% Liquid Sulphur Black


» C.I. Name: Sulphur black 1

» CAS No.: 1326-82-5

»  Packing: 1000kg/IBC

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Our factory specializes in producing 100% Liquid Sulphur Black with higher absorption rate than powdery, no precipitation impurities in the sewage, which greatly reduces the cost of sewage treatment and is more environmentally friendly.

A large number of data show that the dry-wet rubbing fastness of 100% Liquid Sulphur Black is 0.5 grade higher than that of powder. The 100% Liquid Sulphur Black has been fully oxidized in the production process, and will not be oxidized in the transportation/storage process.


Common sulphur black needs Sodium sulfide to be soluble, which is a metabolite of mirabilite, and its quality is not uniform. A large number of impurities are introduced. The impurities of liquid sulphur black are almost zero. Its stability is stronger than that of powder sulphur black, and the probability of dyeing fabrics is low.

Environmental-friendly sulphur black liquid dye is mainly used in denim dyeing, embryo dyeing, knitting dyeing and tube dyeing. Compared with other cotton dyes such as reactive dyes, it has the characteristics of low cost and short process. It has been increasingly accepted by domestic and foreign printing and dyeing manufacturers.

100% Liquid Sulphur Black Specification

» CAS: 1326-82-5

» Dye Index No. C.I. Sulfur black 1 (53185)

» Appearance: Black viscous liquid

» Strength (standard): 100% environmental protection

» PH Value :12.0-13.5

» Viscosity (mpa.s) ≤ 300

» Density (g/cm3) ≤ 1.30-1.50


100% Liquid Sulphur Black advantages

1. It is easy to use (according to the operation process of direct dyes) and can be fully colored by washing.

2. The adjustment of shade is simple, and can be adjusted by liquid sulfur or direct dyes.

3. Environmental protection, small odor and small wastewater;

4. Pad dyeing, dip dyeing and coil dyeing.


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