Sulphur Black BR 220

Product Name: Sulphur Black BR 220


» C.I. Name: Sulphur black 1

» CAS No.: 1326-82-5

» Packing: 25kg/ bag/drum

» Application : Denim fabric/ cotton dyeing

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Sulphur black BR 220 CAS 1326-82-5 produced by Cangzhou Xincheng Weiye Chemical Co., Ltd, is insoluble in water or ethanol but soluble in  Sodium sulphide solution with greenish shade.

Adding caustic soda to sulphur black BR 220 solution is blue, and become green precipitates in hydrochloric acid.

Sulphur black BR 220 Specification

Basic Information

Product Name

Sulphur black dyes

Colour Index 

C.I. sulphur black 1


Shinning black crystals





Similar With Standard
           Strength 220%
Insoluble Matter %  ≤1.0

Moisture %

Dissociative sulphur content %  ≤1.0


Insoluble in water

Sulphur black BR 220 Application Field

1. Used for dyeing and winding dyeing of cotton, jute, viscose and polyvinyl alcohol;
2. Denim fabric (black is mostly made of sulfur black dyed warp yarn and white yarn);
3. Compared with direct dyes and reactive dyes, sulphur black has better dye uptake and levelness, good blackness and good washing fastness
4. It is suitable for dip dyeing, roll dyeing and pad dyeing, and can also be used for the dyeing of leather and original viscous fiber.


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