Solvent Red 49

Product Name: Rhodamine base


» C.I. Name: Solvent red 49

» CAS No.: 509-34-2



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Solvent red 49 is a kind of solvent dyes, which is processed on the basis of Rhodamine B.

Since 1995, XCWY company is producing solvent red 49 from its raw material to solvent red 49.


Solvent Red 49 Specification

» Product name: Rhodamine Base

» Type: Solvent red dyes

» CAS NO.: 509-34-2

» Other names: 310 Basic rhodamine B Extra, Basic violet 10

» Appearance: Uniform pink powder

Solvent Red 49 Basic Information

Basic Information

Product Name

Rhodamine Base

Colour Index 

C.I. solvent red 49





Similar With Standard


Pink powder
        Moisture %≤  0.9

Insoluble Matter %≤



Insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvent

Solvent Red 49 Chemical Property

It is blue-red shade in water and ethanol with strong fluorescence, slightly soluble in acetone and easily soluble in ethylene glycol ether. It is yellow-brown color in concentrated sulfuric acid with strong green fluorescence. The color is bright red after dilution and then blue-red and orange. When the water solution is heated by after adding sodium hydroxide, it produces rosy flocculent precipitation.

Solvent Red 49 Usage

Mainly used for coloration in grease, candles, rubber, plastics and transparent paint.


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