Solvent Red 218

Product Name: Solvent Red 218


»  C.I. Name: Solvent red 218

» CAS No.: 82347-07-7

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Because of the particularity of complexing structure of metal complex solvent red 218 dye, which is different from general organic pigments and traditional azo dyes, solvent red 218 has higher glossiness and transparency,better weather resistance and stronger fastness.

Compared with inorganic pigments, complex solvent red 218 has the characteristics of easy dispersion, permeability, coloring, brilliant color and good transparency.


Solvent Red 218 Specification

» Dye Name: Solvent red 218

» Dye type: Solvent dyes

» CAS No.:  82347-07-7

» Appearance: Bright pink powder

»  Usage: Plastic Dyestuffs, Polyester Dyestuffs, Metal coatingDyestuffs, Printing ink Dyestuffs

Solvent Red 218 Basic information

Basic Information

Product Name

Solvent Red 218

Colour Index 

C.I. Solvent Red 218





Similar With Standard


Bright Pink Powder .


Insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvent


Metal Complex Solvent Red 218 Dye Performance:

» Excellent solubility ;

» Good solubility with various organic solvents and various resins;

» The color is very bright;

» Weather resistance and acid resistance is advanced than the traditional AZO and DISAZO, DYE

» Advanced metal-containing dyes, free of free heavy metals;


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