Solvent Orange 62

Product Name: Orange 62 Solvent Dye


» C.I. Name: Solvent Orange 62

» CAS No.: 52256-37-8

» Application: Ink, aluminum foil and other metal coloring


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Solvent orange 62 CAS 52256-37-8 is a kind of orange powder solvent orange dyes which is insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents such as oils.

Our solvent orange 62 and has excellent solubility and good compatibility with various resins.

Because it has good performance of light resistance and heat resistance, solvent orange 62 is used for coloring of high grade paint coatings, natural and synthetic leather with a bright color. Solvent orange 62 is also used for ink, aluminum foil and other metal coloring, gemstone, glass coloring and various plastic coloring.

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Solvent Orange 62 Specification

» Type: Solvent dyes

» CAS NO.: 52256-37-8

» Light fastness: Grade 7

» Heat resistance: 300 ℃

» Shade: Reddish orange

Solvent Orange 62 Basic Information

Basic Information

Colour Index 

C.I. Solvent orange 62





Similar With Standard


Orange powder
        Density 1.26g/cm3

Heat Resistance



Insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvent


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