Direct Black 19

Product Name: Direct Black G


» C.I. No.: 35255

» C.I. Name: Direct black 19

» CAS No.: 6428-31-5

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Direct Black 19 is one of the black dyestuffs with good dye-uptake.

After dyeing, Direct Black 19 can be treated with fixing agent Y and M, but the shade is slightly green, and urea-formaldehyde resin finishing will not change the color shade, but also improve the fastness to wet treatment.

Direct Black 19 is mainly used for dyeing and direct printing of cotton, viscose fibers, cotton and viscose fibers interwoven, silk, wool, and blended fabrics.


Direct Black 19 Specification

Direct Dyes Name: Direct black G

• Colour Index: C.I.Direct black 19(35255)

• CAS No.: 6428-31-5

• Appearance: Black Powder .

• Usage: Cotton Dyestuffs, Silk Dyestuffs, Paper Dyestuffs, Paint Dyestuffs 

Direct Black 19 Basic information

Basic Information

Product Name

Direct Black G

Colour Index 

C.I. Direct Black 19

Colour Index No.






Similar With Standard


Black Powder .
        Moisture %≤ 1.5

Insoluble Matter %≤



Very soluble in water and alcohol

Characteristic of Direct Black 19:

Direct dyes contain water-base groups such as – SO3Na and – COONa. The solubility of direct dyes increases significantly with the increase of temperature. Sodium carbonate can be added to direct dyes with poor solubility to help dissolve. Direct dyes are not resistant to hard water. Most of them can combine with Ca and Mg ions to form insoluble precipitation, which results in stain spots on dyed fabrics. Therefore, direct dyes must be dissolved in soft water. If the hardness of dyeing water in production is high, soda ash or sodium hexametaphosphate can be added, which is beneficial to the dissolution of dyes and the softening of water.

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