Acid Black 194

Product Name: Acid Black 194


» C.I. Name: Acid black 194

» CAS No.: 61931-02-0



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XCWY Chemical is specialized in manufacturing various kinds of Acid Black Dyes including acid black 194, acid black ATT, mordant black T, aicd black 172 etc.

The Acid Black 194 is water soluble anionic dyes that are applied to fibres such as wool, nylon, paper, washing powder etc.

These dyes are bright, economical, and they are very convenient to use.


Acid Black 194 Specification

»  Acid Dyes Name: Acid black 194

»  Colour Index: C.I.Acid black 194

»  CAS No.: 61931-02-0

»  Usage: Washing Powder Dyestuffs, Wood Dyestuffs, Leather Dyestuffs, Paper Dyestuffs, wool Dyestuffs 

Acid Black 194 Basic Information

Basic Information

Product Name

Acid black 194

Colour Index

C.I. Acid black 194





Similar With Standard
           Strength  140%


Uniform Black brown Powder
        Moisture %≤  1.5

Insoluble Matter %≤



Very soluble in water and alcohol

Acid Black 194 Performance

» Acid black 194, black brown uniform powder, which is soluble in water and become black solution.

» Molecular formula: C20H12N3NaO7S
» Molecular weight: 461.38

» The solubility in water is 30 g/L at 25℃ and 70 g/L at 90 90℃. It is used for dyeing and printing wool, nylon, silk and so on.

   It has good dyeing depth on nylon fabrics and for leather dyeing.


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