Cationic Dyes For Acrylic Fiber

Product Name: Washing Soap Dyes


» Color: Yellow, Blue, Red

» Appearance:  Powder

»  Performance: Water Soluble and Oil Soluble Both Available


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Cationic dyes are a kind of textile dyes, which are soluble in water and are cationic.

Cationic dyes can be used not only for dyeing and printing of acrylic and acrylic blended fabrics, but also for dyeing of modified polyester, modified nylon and silk.

Our factory is specially producing various kinds of cationic dyes for acrylic fiber with advantages of uniform dyeing rate, high light fastness and wide colors choices.

cationic red 3r

Our Product List of Cationic Dyes For Acrylic Fiber :

» Cationic Yellow X-8GL
» Cationic Yellow X-2RL
» Cationic Fluorescent Yellow 7GL
» Cationic Golden X-GL
» Cationic Fluorescent Yellow X-10GFF
» Cationic Yellow M-RL
» Cationic Yellow X-5GL
» Cationic Pink X-FG
» Cationic Brilliant Red X-5GN
» Cationic Red X-GTL
» Cationic Red 2GL
» Cationic Red X-GRL
» Cationic Pink X-6B
» Cationic Red Violet 3R
» Cationic Brilliant Violet X-5BLH
» Cation Cuilan X-GB
» Cationic Blue X-GRRL
» Cationic Blue X-GRL
» Cationic Violet 3BL
» Cationic Brilliant Blue 2RL
» Cationic Blue X-B
» Cationic Black X-O
» Cationic Black FDL

basic turquoise blue

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