Ballpoint Pen Ink Dye

Product Name: Ballpoint Pen Ink Dye



» Color: Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Yellow

» Strength: Crude Quality

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The main ingredients in the formulation of ballpoint pen ink include dyes, film-forming agents, solvents, dispersants and other additives.

The basic ingredients of the formulation:
» Ballpoint pen ink dye: 5%-25% dye
» Film-forming agent: 5%-15%
» Solvent: 30%-60%
» Dispersant: 5%-20%
» Other additives: 2%-10%.

The function of dyes is to give ink sufficient color depth.

Xincheng Weiye Chemical is specialized in manufacturing various kinds of ballpoint pen ink dye including basic dyes, acid dyes and solvent dyes.

ball point pen ink dye

Ballpoint pen ink dye colors we can provide

»Black Ink Dye

»Red Ink Dye

»Blue Ink Dye

»Violet Ink Dye

»Yellow Ink Dye

»Green Ink Dye

Xincheng Weiye can not only provide ballpoint pen ink dyes, but also we are focusing on producing marker ink powder dyes, fountain pen dyes with excellent quality and competitive prices.

If you have any questions about ink powder dyes, welcome to contact with us.


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