Direct Blue Dyes For Cotton

Product Name: Direct Blue Dyes For Cotton


» Color: Sky blue, Turquoise blue, Copper blue

» Appearance:  Powder

»  Performance: Water Soluble, strong dyeing power


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Direct blue dyes have water-soluble groups such as sulfonic acid group (-SO3H) or carboxyl group (-COOH) arranged in linear molecular structure.

The aromatic ring structure is in the same plane, so the direct dye has a greater affinity for the cellulose fiber.

It can be dyed directly in a neutral medium. As long as the dye is dissolved dry water, it can be dyed.


Our direct blue dyes list for dyeing cotton:

» Direct sky blue 5B C.I. Diect blue 15

» Direct turquoise blue GL C.I. Dirct blue 86

» Direct copper blue 2R C.I. Direct blue 151

» Direct blue 199

Advantage of direct blue dyes for cotton

» Fast dyeing speed

» Uniform coloring

» High fastness

» More color shade choices


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