Black Paper Dye

Product Name: Black Paper Dye


» Colors: Black

» Packing: 1 ton per plastic tank

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Liquid dyes have become very common and popular in the paper-making industry, including liquid rhodamine red, liquid blue dye, liquid malachite green dye, as well as black dye, it has great market demand. Here we’d like to introduce our black paper dye.

Black paper dye is a special dye for impregnated paper, black cardboard and fruit bag paper. The product has high blackness, good gloss, strong coloring, good fluidity, good covering power, strong penetration and stable quality. The laboratory equipment is advanced and complete. It can also produce different products according to customers’needs. Dyed black cardboard is widely used in packaging, printing, handbag, mobile phone box, stationery, shoe box, tea box, wine box, garment tag, etc.

Our company has existed for over 25 years now and you can rest assured that our black paper dye from us is perfect. Here are few more reasons why we are considered the best black paper dye Manufacturer Exporters China has ever come across:


Why Choose Our Black Paper Dye?

The black paper dye that we produce can be used in volumes in the paper and textile industry. We already have hundreds of companies who buy black paper dye from us to dye paper or cardboard.

»  It is easy to use (according to the operation process of direct dyes) and can be fully developed by washing.

» The adjustment of color and light is simple. It can be adjusted by liquid black dye or direct dyes.

» No need Sodium sulfide to dissolve the black paper dye.

» Environmental protection, small odor, small waste water;

»  Direct pad dyeing, dip dyeing and coil dyeing are all available.

»  According to the actual usage, the remaining material can be sealed and put in use after a period of time.




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