Liquid Violet Dye

Product Name: Liquid Violet Dye


»  CI. No.:42525

» C.I. Name: Basic violet 1

» CAS No.: 8004-87-3

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After 20+ years’production and management, XCWY Chemical has high level professional technician and international advanced production and lab equipment.

Our liquid violet dye has features of high light fastness, bright color, strong dyeing power, good transparency, fast and good dyeing.

The liquid violet dye is mainly used for cotton textile, paper, incense stick, leather, paint etc.


Liquid Violet Dye specification

»  Liquid Violet Name: Liquid violet dye

» CAS No.: 8004-87-3

» Appearance: Violet liquid

» Usage: Paper Dyestuffs, Silk Dyestuffs, Incense Stick Dyestuffs, Mosquito Coil Dyestuff, Egg Trays Dyestuff


Liquid Violet Dye Basic Information

Basic Information

Product Name

Liquid Violet Dye

Colour Index

C.I.Basic violet1





Similar With Standard
          Strength  100%


       PH Value 3.0-5.0
Density(g/cm3) 1.05-1.35

Characteristics of Environmentally Friendly Liquid Violet Dye:

»  The solubility is very good in water and can be mixed with water in any proportion.
»  Violet liquid component is non-toxic.
»  Good compatibility with water-based resin.
»  Bright colors, fine transparency.

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