Liquid Red Dye

Product Name: Liquid Red Dye


»  CI. No.:45170

» C.I. Name: Basic violet 10 liquid

» CAS No.: 81-88-9

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The Rhodamine liquid red dye is soluble in water, and its water solution is pink red with yellow-green fluorescence.

It belongs to a kind of high grade dye. It can be used with Phosphotungsten aluminate to form lakes with characteristic of high light fastness, bright color, strong dyeing power and good transparency.

Therefore, rhodamine liquid red dye is widely used in paper and cosmetics coloring, as well as in dyeing lakes and silk, wax-dyed paper, typewriter paper, glossy paper in paper industry, etc.

Liquid Red Dye reacts with phosphotungstic molybdic acid to form colour lakes.


Liquid Red Dye Specification

»  Liquid Dye Name: Liquid Rhodamine B

» CAS No.: 81-88-9

» Appearance: Pink red liquid

» Usage: Paper Dyestuffs, Cotton Dyestuffs, Wood Dyestuffs, Fireworks Dyestuffs


Liquid Red Dye Basic Information

Basic Information

Product Name

Liquid Red Dye

Colour Index

C.I.Basic violet 10





Similar With Standard
          Strength  100%


Pink Red Liquid
       PH Value 1-12

XCWY Chem specializes in various kinds of liquid dyes including liquid rhodamine red dye, liquid black dye, liquid green dye, liquid violet dye, liquid yellow dye.
Our liquid dyes properties and advantages are as follows:

» Our liquid dyes are full in strength.
» Our liquid dyes are clean and no dust.
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