Sulphur Blue CV

Product Name: Sulphur Blue CV


» C.I. Name: Sulphur blue 15

» CAS No.: 1327-69-1

»  Packing: 25kg/ bag/drum

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Sulphur blue CV is blue grey powder. Slightly soluble in water. It is olive color dissolved in sodium sulfide solution.

It is dark blue in concentrated sulfuric acid and produces dark blue precipitate after dilution. It was dark yellow in basic sodium hydroxide solution and returned to normal color after oxidation.

Sulphur blue CV is mainly used for dyeing and direct printing of cotton, hemp and viscose fibers.


Sulphur Blue CV Information

Basic Information

Product Name

Sulphur blue CV

Colour Index 

C.I. sulphur blue 15





Similar With Standard
           Strength 100%,120%


Blue grey uniform powder


Insoluble in water

Cangzhou Xincheng Weiye Chemical is specialized in producing various kinds of sulphur dyes for over 25 years, including sulphur blacksulphur blue, sulphur yellow, sulphur green, sulphur brown and so on. With reliable quality and competitive prices, we have got very good reputations from customers all over the world.


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