Blue Masterbatch Dyes

Product Name: Blue Masterbatch Dyes


» Color: Blue

» Application: Color Masterbatch Production


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Color masterbatch is a special colorant for new polymer materials, also known as pigment preparation. Color masterbatch is mainly used in plastics. Color masterbatch is composed of three basic elements: pigment or dye, carrier and additive. It is an aggregate made by uniformly loading super constant pigment into resin. It can be called pigment concentration, so its coloring power is higher than pigment itself. When a small amount of color masterbatch is mixed with uncolored resin, the color resin or product with designed pigment concentration can be achieved.

Therefore, pigment or dyes directly depend on the masterbatch quality and color. Cangzhou Xincheng Weiye Chemical Company is producing masterbatch dyes in China for 26 years, including blue masterbatch dyes, red masterbatch dyes, yellow masterbatch dyes, black masterbatch dyes and green masterbatch dyes.

masterbatch dyes

We are very professional and strong in the following blue masterbatch dyes:

» Solvent Blue 35

» Solvent Blue 36

» Solvent Blue 70

blue masterbatch dyes

Due to its advantages of bright color, strong coloring power, good dispersion and high concentration, solvent blue dyes is widely used in coloring of daily plastics, bobbin materials, industrial oils, paint inks, masterbatch and other materials. Some varieties are suitable for coloring spinneret of chemical fiber, polyester, nylon, acetate fiber, etc


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