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Product Name: Tissue Paper Dyestuff


» Colors: As per your requirement

» Dyes types.: Basic dyes, Acid dyes, Direct dyes

» Packing: 25kg per bag/carton/drum

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With the continuous prosperity of families in modern society, tissue paper has become an indispensable sanitary and cleaning products in many people’s lives.

Tissue paper includes napkins, handkerchiefs, rolls, tissues, kitchen paper and toilet paper.

The raw materials of tissue paper production are complex, including cotton pulp, wood pulp, straw pulp, waste paper pulp and so on.

Nowadays, the tissue paper is not only white color, colorful tissue paper are more and more popular in our life. So the tissue paper dyestuff are needed for the factories.


XCWY is specialized in producing different colors tissue paper dyestuff including pink, red, yellow, blue, green, black, orange, violet and so on.

With more than 25 years experience of production and sales, our company can not only produce various kinds of tissue paper dyestuff but also we are very familiar with different dyeing process used for dyeing paper pulp.

There are three main types of tissue paper dyes: direct dyes, basic dyes and acid dyes. There are many kinds of dyes in each category. The chemical structure, chemical properties and dyeing adaptability of different dyeing grains are quite different. In determining the dyeing process, the best dyes should be selected according to the type and characteristics of the pulp type, the pulp features, tissue paper application and various dyeing conditions (such as temperature, acidity, alkalinity, time, etc.).

Our strong tissue paper dyestuff that may suitable for you

» Basic dyes: Rhodamine B, Malachite green, Crystal methyl violet in solid and liquid

» Direct dyes: Direct red, Direct turquoise blue, Direct yellow, Direct black

» Acid dyes: Acid orange, Acid light yellow, Acid red 3R.

» Our liquid sulphur black br is very suitable for dyeing black paper


Tissue paper dyestuff selection for pulp dyeing

The dyes commonly used in pulp dyeing can be divided into direct dyes, basic dyes and acid dyes. When choosing tissue paper dyestuffs, the paper’s application should be taken as the starting point, and the following factors should be considered comprehensively.

(1) Affinity with fibers. Some high-grade paper is not allowed to fade in water when it is used for packaging high-grade goods. Therefore, direct dyes with greater affinity with fibers must be selected, basic and acid dyes are not allowed in order to prevent fading and contaminating the goods.

(2) The need for paper color. Basic dyes or direct dyes with bright colors should be selected when dyeing paper with special bright colours, and whitening agents should be added when necessary to improve the brightness of paper.

(3) For paper with high requirement of light-resistance, light-resistant dyes or direct dyes can be chosen, and basic dyes must not be selected, otherwise, the fading will be too fast when exposed to light.

(4) Dyeing characteristics of dyes. The same dyes have different dyeing characteristics for different pulps. Relatively speaking, direct dyes are much more stable, but basic dyes are quite different. For example, mordant dyeing is generally needed when basic dyes are used to dye bleached pulps. Even though the retention rate is still not ideal, they have strong affinity for some ground wood pulps and natural wood pulps with higher lignin content and better dyeing effect.

(5) High-grade paper dyeing is generally suitable to use dyes with high strength, it has less dosage and good dyeing effect. However, if you use low strength dyes, you still can not get the good dyeing effect even through increasing the dosage.

(6) Consider the cost of dyeing.


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