Soap Yellow Dyes

Product Name:Soap Yellow Dyes/Metanil Yellow G



» C.I. Name: Acid yellow 36

» CAS No.: 587-98-4

» Packing: 25kg per iron drum/bag/carton box

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As one kind of acid yellow dyes, XCWY soap yellow dyes have obvious advantage of good water solubility, high fastness and bright color. 

Soap yellow dyes have uniform yellow powder appearance and it is very suitable for dyeing soap. washing powder and some other cleaning products. 

If you are looking for soap yellow dyes, please share your dosage, application and purchasing cost, we’d like to recommend the most cost effective quality for soap yellow dyes as per our years of experience.

Soap Yellow Dyes Specification

»  Dyes Name: Metanil yellow G

»  Dye Type: Acid dyes

»  Color Index: C.I.Acid yellow 36

»  Molecular Formula: C18H14N3NaO3S

»  Packing: 25kg per iron drum, fiber drum, bag, carton box

» Sample: Free sample is available

» Strength: 100%

Soap Yellow Dyes Basic Information

Basic Information

Product Name

222 metanil yellow R

Colour Index 

C.I. Acid yellow 36





Similar With Standard



Insoluble in water % 



Yellow powder


Very soluble in water and alcohol

Some advice during using soap yellow dyes 

1.Color pulp and water treatment. Firstly, the soap yellow dyes should be slurried with warm water, then heated and stirred continuously until the dyes are basically dissolved. Soap yellow dye is not resistant to hard water, and most of it can combine with calcium salt or magnesium salt to form insoluble precipitation. Therefore, soft water dyeing must be used.

2.The control of dyeing temperature, dyeing temperature can depend on the type of dye performance, generally between 80℃- 90℃. Good levelness, color fastness and light fastness can be obtained if the temperature is properly controlled.

3.The dyeing time should be based on the different dyeing rates of dyes. 

4.Add dyeing auxiliaries.

Except yellow color, our Rhodamine B can be used for pink color soap dyeing, welcome your inquiry if necessary.


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