Crystal Violet Dye

Product Name: Crystal Violet Dye


 » Color Index No.: 42555

» Color Index Name: Basic violet 3

» CAS No.: 548-62-9


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Crystal violet dye also called methyl violet 5BN, basic violet 3, it is a kind of green crystals. 

The crystal violet dye can dissolve in water and alcohol very easily with violet color. 

Basic crystal violet dye is a chemical that dyes wool, silk and cotton products into purple with a color ranging from blue to red. It is also used for dyeing wheat straw, paper, leather, feather, fat, etc., as well as color lake, ink, printing paper, copy paper etc. 


Crystal Violet Dye Specification

»  Dye Name: Methyl violet 5BN

»  Dye Type: Basic dyes

»  Colour Index: Basic violet 3(42555)

»  CAS No.: 548-62-9

»  Packing: 25kg net weight per iron drum, bag or carton box.


Crystal Violet Dye Basic Information

Basic Information

Product Name

Crystal Violet Dye

Colour Index

C.I. Basic Violet 3





Similar With Standard
           Strength  100%


Shinning Green Crystals or Powder
        Moisture %≤  2.0

Insoluble Matter %≤



Very soluble in water and alcohol

What should we pay attention to when we choose dyes?

According to the properties of the fibers

Due to the different properties of various fibers, it is necessary to choose suitable dyes when dyeing. For example, when cotton fibers are dyed, because its molecular structure contains many hydrophilic hydroxyl groups, it is easy to swell and absorb moisture. It can react with reactive groups and is alkali-resistant. Therefore, direct, vat, sulfur and reactive dyes can be chosen. Polyester is hydrophobic and alkali-resistant at high temperature. In general, the above dyes should not be used, but disperse dyes should be chosen for dyeing.

According to the use of dyes

Because of the different uses of the dyed products, the fastness requirements of the dyed products are also different. For example, the cloth used as curtains is not often washed, but often exposed to sunlight. Therefore, when dyeing, dyes with high light fastness should be selected. As underwear and light-colored fabrics for summer dyeing, dyes with high washing, sunshine and perspiration fastness should be chosen because of frequent washing and sunshine.

According to the cost of dyes

When choosing crystal violet dye, we should consider not only the color, shade and fastness, but also the cost and supply of dyes and additives. If the price of dyestuffs is higher, we should try our best to substitute other dyestuffs which can dye the same effect, so as to reduce the production cost.


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