Acid blue 113

Product Name: Acid Blue 113


» C.I. No.: 26360

» CAS No.: 3351-05-1

» Packing: 25kg per iron drum/bag/carton box

» Usage: Dyeing wool, silk, nylon, leather

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Acid blue 113, also named acid navy blue 5R, appearance is uniform powder easily soluble in water. It is blue in water.

Acid blue 113 blue 5Ris mainly used for dyeing wool, nylon and silk fabrics. It can also be directly used for dyeing wool / viscose blended fabrics in the same bath. It can also be used for biological coloring of leather and paper. 


Acid Blue 113 Specification

»  Dye Type: Acid dyes

»  Color Index: C.I.Acid blue 113


»  Properties: water soluble blue powder.

»  Color light: similar to the standard.

»  Strength: 120%

»  Solubility: 50g / L (90 ℃)

»  Moisture: less than 8%.

»  Application: suitable for dyeing silk, nylon, nylon and wool.

»  Packing: 25kg per iron drum, fiber drum, bag, carton box

» Sample: Free sample is available


Company Introduction

 Cangzhou Xincheng Weiye Chemical is professional China manufacturer with over 25 years experience, producing Rhodamine B dye, sulphur black, solvent red, cationic acrylic fiber dyes. With advanced equipment, mature technology and rich experience in market, our  brand has got good reputation from clients from home and abroad. Welcome your visit.


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