Nigrosine Black

Product Name: Acid Nigrosine Black


» C.I. No.: 50420

» C.I. Name: Acid black 2

» CAS No.: 8005-03-6

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XCWY Chem acid black dyes are water-soluble anionic dyes that are applied to fibers such as silk, wool, nylon with high coloring and good fastness. 

Except Nigrosine Black dye, our black acid dyes include acid black ATT, acid black 210, acid black 194, acid black 234 and so on. 

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Nigrosine Black Specification

»  Acid Dyes Name: Acid Nigrosine Black

»  Colour Index: C.I.Acid black 2

» CAS No.: 8005-03-6

» Packing: 25kg /carton box/drum/bag

»  Usage: Wool Dyestuffs, Wood Dyestuffs, Silk Dyestuffs, Paper Dyestuffs, Moquito Coils Dyestuffs 

Nigrosine Black Basic Information

Basic Information

Product Name

Acid Nigrosine Black

Colour Index

C.I. Acid black 2





Similar With Standard
           Strength  100%


Shinning black crystals
        Moisture %≤  2.0

Insoluble Matter %≤



Very soluble in water and alcohol

Nigrosine Black Physicochemical Properties

Appearance Character: Shinny black granular.

Water solubility: soluble in water, the water solution is blue-purple, adding sodium hydroxide solution to produce brown-purple precipitation.

Solubility: Soluble in ethanol and the color is blue. It is also blue in concentrated sulfuric acid and turns to purple after dilution with precipitation.

Nigrosine Black Usage

Usage 1: Mainly used for dyeing wool and silk, also used for leather dyeing (usually chromium mordant dyeing), as well as paper, wood products, soap, electrolytic aluminium coloring and manufacturing ink.

Usage 2: Mainly used for dyeing leather, silk and wool fabrics. It can also be made into color lakes for color paper and printing.

XCWY Black Dyes Ranges

» Nigrosine black

» Solvent black dye

» Direct black dye

» Sulphur black dye


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