Basic Blue 7 For Marker Ink

Product Name: Basic Blue 7 For Marker Ink


» Appearance: Crystal or Powder

» Strength: 100%

» Advantage: Bright Color,Good Coloring Power

Product Detail

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As one kind of most used colors for making marker ink, basic blue 7 CAS 2390-60-5 has features of strong dyeing ability, bright color and good solubility.

Our factory can produce basic blue 7 both in powder and crystal form. Welcome your contact for more details.

The basic information for basic blue 7 for marker ink

»  Product Name Victoria pure blue BO
»  Color Index Name: Basic Blue 7
»  CAS No.:2390-60-5
»  Molecular formula: c33h40cln3
»  Molecular weight: 514.15

Basic Blue 7 Application

» Making writing instruments like marker, ballpoint pen

» For paper mill

» Wood, bamboo dyeing

» Acrylic fiber coloring

Except basic blue 7, our factory main basic products include rhodamine b dye, malachite green, methyl violet 2B, auramine yellow O and basic red 1.

Contact us for latest price and more market information.


Contact person: Miss Jessie Geng

Mobilephone/Whatsapp: +86-13503270825

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