Violet Egg Tray Dye

Product Name: Violet Egg Tray Dye


» Color:  Violet

» Consumption: As per customer’s specific request

» Contact us for more suggestions about dosage.

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Egg tray is playing an important role during egg transportation. With the improvement of people’s living standard, people have higher and higher requirement for the egg trays.

They hope the egg tray can have different beautiful colors and but also hope the egg tray is more durable.

Violet egg tray dye and pink egg tray dyes is very common to see during egg trays production and these two colors are very popular in the world. 


In order to get the most suitable violet egg tray dyes, what should we pay attention to?

» Choose the real manufacturer as they can give  the quality assurance and fastest delivery date

» Quality strength selection: As the purchaser, you should control the purchasing cost and get more profit. But price depends on the quality. Then quality selection is  very important.

» Production ratio: such as how much dyes should you put for one ton paper pulp to get the best dyeing effect?

Come here, we can solve all problems for you. Most importantly, we can give the most suitable suggestion as per your requirement.

XCWY Dyes Packing Detail: 25kg net weight in iron drum, fiber drum, carton box, bags or customized made as per your requirement.


Welcome to contact with us–the Rhodamine B leading manufacturer in China.


Contact person: Miss Jessie Geng

Mobilephone/Whatsapp: +86-13503270825

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