Cationic Red X-GRL

Product Name: Cationic Red X-GRL


» C.I. Name: Basic red 46

» MF: C18H23N6Cl2Zn



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The appearance of cationic red X-GRL is dark red powder. It is soluble in water. When dyed at high temperature (120 ℃), the color and light are stable, slightly changed in the case of copper ion, slightly changed in the case of chromium ion, and unchanged in the case of iron ion.

The fastness to sunlight is grade 6-7. The compatibility value K = 3.5. It is mainly used for dyeing acrylic fibers. It can dye acrylic bulk fibers, fiber strips and acrylic yarns.

Cationic Red X-GRL is often dyed with cationic deep yellow 2RL and cationic blue X-GRL in various medium to dark colours with good leveling and dyeing fastness.

It can also be used in direct printing with cationic yellow X-5GL, cationic blue X-GRL or cationic blue X-GRRL as three primary colours to dye acrylic fabric carpet and knitted fabrics.


Cationic Red X-GRL Specification

» Product Name: Cationic Red X-GRL

» Type: Cationic dyes

» Color Index Name: Basic red 46

» Color Index No.: 110825

» Usage: Acrylic fabric dyestuff, Paint dyestuff, Ink dyestuff

Cationic Red X-GRL Physical Properties

Basic Information

Product Name

Cationic Red X-GRL

Colour Index 

C.I. Basic Red 46



Similar With Standard
               Strength 250%


 Dark Red Uniform Powder
            PH Range  2-7


Very soluble in water and alcohol

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