Cationic Red 3R

Product Name: Cationic Red 3R


» C.I. Name: Basic violet 16

» CAS No.: 6359-45-1



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Cationic red 3R is a kind of textile dyes, also known as basic dyes and salt-based dyes. The cationic red 3r is soluble in water and is cationic state in water.

Cationic dyes are soluble in water and ionized in aqueous solution to form dyes with positive charges and colored ions.

The cations of dyes can bind with the acidic base of the third monomer in the fabric to dye the fibers. It is a special dye for acrylic fibers dyeing.

It has the advantages of high strength, bright color and good light fastness.


Cationic Red 3R Specification

» Product name: Cationic Red 3R

» Type: Cationic dyes

» Basic violet 16

» CAS NO.: 6359-45-1

» Usage: Acrylic fabric dyestuff, Cotton dyestuff, Wool dyestuff

Cationic Red 3R Physical Properties

Basic Information

Product Name

Cationic Red 3R

Colour Index 

C.I. Basic Violet 16





Similar With Standard
               Strength 300%


 Dark Red Uniform Powder
            PH Range  3-8




Very soluble in water and alcohol

Cationic red 3R was produced with the development of petrochemical industry. In the 1950s, with the emergence of acrylonitrile fibers, Geigy Company of Switzerland and Bayer Company of Germany developed cationic dyes for acrylonitrile fibers.

In the early 1960s, cationic dyes of the first generation were developed and produced in China.

In the 1970s, the second generation of X-type cationic dyes was developed, which enlarged the chromatographic range, improved the dyeing performance and considered the compatibility of three primary colors.

In the 1970s, the third generation of M-type cationic dyes, called migratory cationic dyes, were trial-produced, which can be used for dyeing various acrylonitrile fibers.

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