Cationic Black X-O

Product Name: Cationic Black X-O


» Standard: 300%

» Appearance: Red brown uniform powder




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XCWY is involved in manufacturing cationic black X-O for more than 20 years, which enjoys good reputation and feedback from our clients. 

Our main products include cationic dyes, basic dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes, sulphur black and solvent dyes. They have high dyeing rate,  leveling and light resistance.


Cationic Black X-O Specification

» Product Name: Cationic Black X-O

» Type: Cationic dyes

» Usage: Acrylic fabric dyestuff, Paper dyestuff, Ink dyestuff, Wood dyestuff

Cationic Red X-GRL Physical Properties

Basic Information

Product Name

Cationic Black X-O

Colour Index 

C.I. Basic black X-O



Similar With Standard
               Strength 300%


Red Brown Uniform Powder


Very soluble in water and alcohol

Cationic dyes introduction

Cationic dyestuff is a water-soluble dye with bright color and luster. It is suitable for the dyeing of polypropylene fibers ( acrylic fibers). According to its application, it can be divided into common type, X type, M type, SD type, L type, D type, etc.

I. Common Type

It is washable and sunproof. It is suitable for printing medium and dark acrylic knitted underwear, acrylic sparse fiber, acrylic blanket and light, medium and dark bulging yarn. Its varieties include cationic red 2GL, yellow 7GL, brilliant blue RL, pink red FG, turquoise blue GB, black WHL, etc.

2.X type

It has good leveling property. It is suitable for dyeing acrylic bulky yarn and wool-acrylic blends. Its varieties include cationic yellow X-8GL, golden yellow X-GL, red X-GRL, blue X-GRL, blue X-GRRL and black X-2RL.

3. M type

It has the characteristics of good migration. It is suitable for dyeing acrylic bulky yarn. The acrylic fabric has good uniformity and light, medium and light color. Its varieties include cationic red M-RL, yellow M-RL, blue M-RL and black M-RL.

4.SD type

High temperature resistant dyeing. It can be dyed in one bath with acid dyes and disperse dyes. It is suitable for dyeing modified polyester fibers, dyeing wool acrylic fabrics in the same bath with acid dyes, and dyeing modified polyester and polyester blended fabrics in the same bath with disperse dyes. Its varieties include cationic brilliant red SD-5GN, red SD-GRL, blue SD-GSL, blue SD-RL, black SD-RL, black SD-O, etc.

5.L type

It is dust-free and can be used in proportion to water. It is suitable for wet tow dyeing. Its varieties include cationic brilliant red L-5GN, red LX-GRL, golden LX-GL, yellow LX-GRL, blue LX-BL, blue LX-GRL and black LX-RL.

6. D type

It has the characteristics of whitening and dyeing. It is suitable for discharge printing. Its varieties include cationic red D-TL, yellow D-2RL, orange D-BRL, blue D-2GL, black D-WGL and black D-HO.


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