Acid Orange 7

Product Name: Acid Orange II


» C.I. Name: Acid orange 7

» C.I.Number: 15510

» CAS No.: 633-96-5


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XCWY acid orange 7, known as acid orange ii, is highly water soluble and has good color fastness, bright color and good leveling.
Our acid orange 7 is industry grade, widely used for dyeing wool, nylon, silk, acrylics etc.


Acid Orange 7 Specification

»  Acid Dyes Name: Acid orange ii

»  Colour Index: Acid orange 7

»  CAS No.: 633-96-5

»  HS Code: 32041200

»  Usage: Wool dyestuff, Silk dyestuff, Cotton dyestuff, Leather dyestuff, Paper dyestuff


Acid Orange 7 Basic Information

Basic Information

Product Name

Acid Orange II

Colour Index

Acid Orange 7





Similar With Standard
           Strength  100%


Orange Powder


1. Used for dyeing silk, wool, leather and paper.

2. Especially suitable for wool dyeing

3. It can be used for direct printing of wool, silk and nylon fabrics.

4. Indicators and Biocolouring.

5 Heavy Metal Salts Used in Organic Pigments.

XCWY acid orange dyes, basic rhodamine dyes, sulphur black dyes have exported to many countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Korea. Welcome to visit our factory at any time.


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