Fluorescent yellow 8g/solvent green 5 used for plastic and grease

1. C.I. index: solvent green 5 c.i.56238
2. Structure: [c30h28o4 molecular weight: 452.54 CAS: 79869-59-3]
3. Foreign corresponding brands: fixoplast fluorescent yellow-101 (Bayer), thermoplast f yellow 084 (BASF), sumiplast yellow fltg (NSK)
4. Characteristics: yellow oil soluble dye with strong green fluorescence, excellent heat resistance and light resistance, high coloring power and strong fluorescence.
5. Application: it can be used for coloring various resins, fibers and grease, such as GPPS, hips, as, ABS, PMMA, PBT, PC, PA, RPVC

6.Physical properties:
Weight volume (ml / g): 6.6
Melting point (℃): 205-207
Sublimation point (℃): 342


Our factory main solvent dyes series: solvent red like No.24/49/135/197/218; solvent blue like No. 35/36/70/104; solvent green like No.3/5; solvent black like No. 5/7/27

They are widely used for coloring of various kinds of plastic, paint, coating, pigment etc, welcome your inquiry.


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Post time: Nov-19-2020