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Paper Dyes Product Description

We offer a wide range of direct and basic dyes that meets with the highest expectations.

1) Anionic direct dyestuff normally with good substantive on sized and undersized paper and bleached, unbleached and mechanical pulp. Low colored waste water, good fastness to water, steam and light.

2) Basic dye stuffs usually provide a strong yield. Good water, steam and rubbing resistance are achieved. Waste water is little dyed.

If you Need About Paper Dyes:

  1. Learn About Our Paper Dyes details Like :uses, significance, types, and benefits of these dyes.
  2. High-quality Paper Dyes at lower prices.
  3. Applicable for various applications.

 Characteristics and Features

 Widely used by industries.

  1. Having lots of benefits to humans and nature.
  2. Having longer life than other dyes.
  3. Natural fabrics of high quality are used.
  4. Environmental friendly.
  5. Good structure and compositioAvailable in multi-color shades.

Our paper dyes kinds and application

Why Choose Xincheng Weiye ?

We are the professional Paper Dyes Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier in China.

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