Water Soluble Dyes for Marker Ink Making

Water soluble dyes can indeed be used in the manufacturing of marker ink. Marking pen ink is usually composed of components such as water, glycerol, organic acids or pigments, and water-soluble dyes can be selected for the pigment or pigment part.

Water soluble dyes are a type of chemical dyes that can dissolve in water, characterized by bright colors, good dyeing effects, strong permeability, and easy cleaning. Meanwhile, due to its easy solubility in water, it can save energy and reduce pollution during the processing, making it an environmentally friendly dye.

In the application of marker ink, water-soluble dyes can ensure that the ink is smooth, brightly colored, and easy to write on flat surfaces such as whiteboards and slides. Meanwhile, due to the easy cleaning ability of water-soluble dyes, the marking pen ink is easy to erase after writing, making it easy to clean.

Our factory is producing different types of water soluble ink dyes such as basic blue 7, basic violet 10, basic violet 1, acid black 2, acid black ATT and so on. Welcome send us inquiry if you are looking for marker ink dyes.





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Post time: May-14-2024