The influence of metal complex dyes on the adhesion of coatings

Characteristics of Metal Complex Dyes

Metal complex dyes are pigment materials that undergo dyeing by replacing water molecules in the matrix, forming coordination bonds with metal ions, and forming stable complexes. This pigment is commonly used in water-based coatings, metallic paints, paints, and other applications. Metal complex dyes are mostly compounds formed by organic acids and metal ions, which can form metal complexes in coatings and exhibit good dyeing effects。

The Influence Mechanism of Metal Complex Dyes on Coating Adhesion

However, there are also some issues with the application of metal complex dyes. After experimental verification, metal complex dyes have a certain impact on the adhesion of coatings. The main reasons for the decrease in adhesion are the following three aspects:

1. The role of metal ions in the curing process of coatings

Metal ions will react with organic compounds in the coating to form certain complexes. These complexes will gradually produce cross crystallization as the coating solidifies, causing defects in the internal structure of the coating and reducing its adhesion.

2. The effect of particle size of metal complex dyes on coating performance

The particle size of metal complex dyes can also have a certain impact on the coating performance. Small particle metal complex dyes have good dispersibility in coatings and can be more evenly distributed in coatings, but they are prone to causing unevenness on the coating surface. These concave and convex areas are prone to forming bubbles or moisture, which can affect the adhesion of the coating.

3. Chemical stability of metal complex dyes

The chemical stability of metal complex dyes can also affect the adhesion of coatings. When the chemical stability of metal complex dyes is poor, they will continuously hydrolyze in the coating, producing acidic products that lower the pH value of the coating, thereby reducing the adhesion of the coating.

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