Reliable Supplier of Pigment Red 170 Used for coating printink ink and fabric printing

Pigment Red 170 is an organic pigment red with bright blueish color and a molecular formula of C26H22N4O4.

Its Chinese aliases include C I. Pigment Red 170, Naphthol Red F3RK, and Eternal Red Brown HFM.

This type of pigment is a recently introduced new structural pigment variety, which has stronger blue light characteristics compared to pigment red 170 and pigment red 210.

Pigment Red 170 is mainly used in fields such as coatings, solvent printing ink, water-based printing ink and fabric printing and dyeing.

Its light fastness reaches level 7, demonstrating good light resistance performance. In addition, it is also resistant to acid, alkali, soap, and cream, and has good heat stability at 200 ℃/10min.

This makes pigment red 170 an ideal choice for pigment printing, coloring of plastic (such as PP, PE, PVC, etc.) raw materials, and coloring of wood and viscose fibers.





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