Plastic Rubber Used Pigment Red 170 Organic Pigment Powder

Name: Organic pigment F3RK

Index number: Pigment Red 170

Product category: Organic pigments

Packaging specification: 25KG

Shade: Blueish

Product features: High light resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and high temperature resistance

Application field: PE, PP, PVC

Chemical category: monoazo pigment

Temperature resistance: 270 ℃

Light resistance: 7-8 levels of resistance

Latency: Level 5

Covering power/transparency: semi transparent

pigment red list

Pigment Red 170 is a very strong and bright neutral red monoazo organic pigment red powder that leans towards blue light. It has excellent light resistance, good thermal stability, and acid and alkaline resistance. It is recommended for coloring applications of polymers such as PE polyethylene, PP polypropylene, PVC and polyvinyl chloride.





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