Plastic Pigment Transparent Blue 2N Solvent Blue 35 Making Masterbatch

Transparent Blue 2N also named Solvent Blue 35, produced by Cangzhou Xincheng Weiye Chemical Co., Ltd, is widely used for coloring various kinds of plastic and polyester fiber industry.

What’s more, solvent blue 35 can also used for coloring various resins such as ABS, PC, HIPS, PMMS, etc.

Solvent blue 35 has appearance of blue powder, insoluble in water and easily soluble in organic solvents.

solvent blue 35 supplier

With its advantage of high dyeing ability and bright color, more and more client choose solvent blue 35 as plastic and resin colorant.

Our factory can not only produce blue solvent dyes but also can give more suggestions as per your specific usage. Welcome contact us for more information.





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Post time: May-10-2023