Pigment Yellow 14 Introduction and Aplication

Pigment Yellow 14, also known as Barium Dichromate Yellow or C I. Pigment Yellow 14 is a common yellow pigment. It has various characteristics, such as bright colors, good heat resistance, transparency, and coloring power. Here is a more detailed introduction to pigment yellow 14:

1. Pigment Yellow 14 Basic properties:

*Appearance: Pigment Yellow 14 is a yellow powder.

*Color hue or color light: red light yellow.

*Relative density: 1.14 ~1.52.

*Melting point: 320 ~336 ℃.

*Solubility: insoluble in water, slightly soluble in toluene. In concentrated sulfuric acid, it appears as a bright red orange color, and after dilution, it transforms into a dark green yellow precipitate.


2.Pigment Yellow 14 Application areas:

*Pigment Yellow 14 is mainly used for coloring rubber, plastics, and rubber products, as well as for coloring polyurethane synthetic leather, high-end inks and coatings, and printing pastes.

*It is also suitable for water-based inks, including water-based inks, corrugated inks, inkjet inks, etc. Different dosage forms are suitable for different applications, such as 1401 and 1402 for water-based ink, and 1404 and 1405 for solvent ink.

*In the plastic industry, pigment yellow 14 is used for polyolefins, and its heat resistance can reach 200 ℃. In soft PVC, frost may occur when the concentration exceeds a certain level.

*Pigment Yellow 14 is also used for coloring elastomers and rubbers, as well as for coloring viscose fibers and sponge slurries.





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