Paint and Printing Ink Used Solvent Red 8 Manufacturer

Solvent Red 8 produced by Cangzhou Xincheng Weiye Chemical Co., Ltd is a highly transparent bright blue red monoazochrome metal complex dye, with the index number solvent red 8. It has a bright color, strong coloring power, excellent solubility, good light resistance, heat stability, acid resistance, and alkali resistance, and good compatibility with various organic solvents, synthetic resins, and natural resins.

Index number: Solvent Red 8

Chemical category: Monoazo dye

Dye type: Metal complex dye

CAS number: 33270-70-1

EINECS number: 251-436-5

Chemical formula: C16H13N5O

Molecular weight: 339.31
Our metal complex dyes are widely used for dyeing resins, paint coatings, printing inks, natural and synthetic leather, wood coloring, home appliance and automotive painting, printing paste cans, stationery inks, plastic coatings, vacuum electroplating, aluminum foil or other metal coloring, gemstone and glass coloring, and more.





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