Organic Pigment Green 7 for Color masterbatch and Printing Ink

Model: Phthalocyanine green

Index number: Pigment Green 7

Chemical category: Phthalocyanine green pigment

Our phthalocyanine green pigment C.I. Pigment green 7 is a transparent dark green organic pigment that meets the environmental standards of the US FDA. It has a bright color, strong coloring power, good dispersibility, excellent light and weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and excellent heat stability.

Our phthalocyanine green pigment is suitable for coloring cable sheaths and most plastic polymers, and is recommended for use in PO, PVC, rubber, PS, ABS, PC, POM, PBT, PUR, PP fiber, PET fiber PA fibers and PAN fibers, etc.Welcome your contact for more detailed information.





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