Good Light Fastnesss Pigment Blue 15:3 for Plastic

Pigment Blue 15:3 specification

Index number: Pigment Blue 15:3

CAS registration number: 147-14-8

C. I. Structure number: 74160

Chemical structure: copper titanium cyanine

Color shade: greenish blue color

Packaging specification: 25kg net weight in bag

15-3 pigment blue

Characteristics of phthalocyanine blue pigment blue 15:3:

● Industry standard phthalocyanine blue 15:3, suitable for high demand applications;

● Transparent green β- Cu phthalocyanine blue, with high color intensity and low haze;

● Specially recommended for PP, PA6, and polyester fiber applications;

● Excellent overall performance makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor applications of PVC, polyolefins, and styrene;

● When excellent dispersion is required, the FP version also has superior dispersion performance due to filtering pressure values.

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