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Our factory focuses on the large-scale production of coolant dyes, with bright colors and reliable quality. As a key element to ensure the normal operation of the engine, coolant has multiple protective functions, such as anti freezing and anti boiling. By introducing fluorescent dye technology, we have successfully improved the convenience of coolant observation, which helps to timely detect leakage issues and ensure the safe and stable operation of industrial equipment.

fluorescent green color

There are indeed multiple color options for coolant dyes in the market, among which pink and green are indeed two popular colors. There are several main reasons behind this:

1. Visibility: Pink and green are high visibility colors, especially in coolant systems. When there is a leak in the cooling system, these bright colors are easily detected, helping users quickly locate and solve the problem.

2. Easy to distinguish: In the case of multiple coolants or different systems, using different colored dyes can help users easily distinguish between different systems. For example, one system may use pink dye, while another system may use green dye, which can avoid confusion and misoperation.

3. User preferences: In addition to functional factors, users may also choose the color of coolant dyes based on personal preferences. Some people may find pink softer and warmer, while green gives a natural and fresh feeling.

Of course, in addition to pink and green, there are other colors of coolant dyes available on the market for selection. The final choice of color mainly depends on personal preferences and the needs of the usage scenario.

Overall, the reason why pink and green coolant dyes are more popular among customers is due to their combined effects of high visibility, ease of differentiation, and user preferences.

Given that our fluorescent coolant dyes are widely praised in the market, we will continue to uphold rigorous process standards and stable product quality to provide high-quality dye products for the industrial sector.





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