Why does the fabric dyed with sulphur black br have problem?

Sulphur Black BR and indigo blue granulars are playing important role during cotton textile, especially dyeing denim or jeans. Sulphur Black BR has features of low purchasing cost, easy operation and high dyeing speed. As a result, more and more dyeing plant prefer to buy Sulphur Black BR in bulk.

However, during dyeing cotton fabric, there is some small white spots after dyeing with 522 Sulphur Black dye.Why?


The reason why small white spots appear on the blackened fabrics is that the relative deformation space between the fibers in the fiber gap is reduced, the yarn becomes hard, the flexibility is reduced, and the brittle break is easily generated during weaving. The elasticity of the fabric produced will naturally decrease, resulting in a stiff fabric.

The Sulfur Black BR is deposited in the interfiber space to make the fiber and the yarn more compact. Because of the high density of sulfate, the weight increases, and the gram weight of the fabric after sufficient water washing is basically the same as the same specification and penetration depth.


The Sulphur Black BR is deposited in the interfiber space, hindering the adhesion between the slurry and the fiber, and lowering the adhesion of the slurry to the fiber, resulting in an increase in the rate of breakage.

Post time: Jun-26-2019