What kind of dyes can be used for PVC coloring?

PVC is a kind of important general thermoplastic material. It is widely used in many fields, such as building materials, automobiles, doors and windows.

Because of its low processing temperature, many kinds of organic pigments and solvent dyes can be used for coloring, but the final use of colored products should still be based on the processing conditions and the final use of colored products.


ABS is usually colored with solvent dyes soluble in polymers, which not only have good transparency, but also have good light fastness. If combined with inorganic pigments, opaque coloring products can be obtained. The commonly used solvent dyes soluble in polymers are C.I. Solvent yellow 93, C.I. Solvent orange 60, C.I. Solvent red 111, C.I. Solvent red 135. C.I. Solvent Blue 35, C.I. Solvent Green 5, Ci Solvent Black 3, etc.


Except solvent dyes, some PVC plants are using basic Rhodamine B for PVC coloring due to its bright beautiful color and good solubility. 

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Post time: Jul-31-2019