The difference between sulphur black and reactive black in cotton knitted fabric【25 Years Sulphur Black Manufacturer】

Sulphur black is a kind of common chemical raw material, and it is a kind of water-insoluble dye. The dyeing of sulphur black is usually carried out in the solution of Sodium sulfide. It is mainly reduced to cryptochrome, which has good dyeing performance for cotton.

Sulfur black and reactive black can be used in textile, so can you distinguish the sulphur black and reactive black in cotton knitted fabric.

1. The reactive black is the main component of carbon, while the sulphur black contains more sulfur.

2. Sulphur dyes are cheap, and the dyeing process is not environmental friendly. At the same time, there may be pungent smell when the fabric strength is slightly damaged after dyeing. Reactive dyes are slightly more expensive than sulphur dyes, and there is no toxic gas generated in the production process, which is environmentally friendly compared with the production process of sulphur dyes.

3. Reactive black is mainly used as adsorption material, while sulfur black is mainly used for dyeing.

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