Reasons for brittleness of yarns dyed with sulphur black dyes

The reason for brittleness of yarn dyed with Sulphur Black dye is that Sulphur Black dye is a high molecular compound with unstable structure. It can be oxidized in air under certain temperature and humidity conditions and further reacts with water molecules in air to produce sulfuric acid.

The amount of Sulphur Black dye should be small, because the amount of Sulphur Black is high, the possibility of brittleness is great, and the dyeing fastness is reduced, and washing is difficult. After dyeing, it is necessary to wash the yarn thoroughly to prevent it from being unclean. The float color of the yarn is easy to decompose into sulfuric acid during storage and make the fibers brittle.

After dyeing, the yarn should be dried in time, because the wet sand is easy to heat in the stacking process, which reduces the content of yarn. After drying, the yarn should be cooled naturally, so that the temperature of the yarn can be reduced to room temperature before packing.

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Post time: Jun-21-2019