Reactive Prices Increasing, Substitutes for Reactive Black–Sulphur Black will be popular

Recently we received more inquiries about reactive dyes from different countries. Due to reactive dyes raw material shortage especially H acid,India reactive prices increased again and again. However, it’s still demand is more than supply.

Recently several months, reactive black dye prices has been adjusted several times. As per our study, sulphur black br will be the best substitute for reactive black dye. 

Sulphur black has crystal and liquid form, which have advantages of high blackness, good gloss, strong dyeing property,  stable dyeing performance and low cost. 

What’s more, liquid sulphur black is more environment friendly as it produces very less waste water.

Sulfur black has wide applications:

1.Sulphur black is mainly used for dyeing cotton fabrics including cotton yarn, cotton cloth, corduroy and cotton blended fabrics.

2.Used for dyeing heavy fabrics, jeans, work clothes, washing style clothing, etc. with superior dyeing performance.

3.Can be used for leather dyeing, also can be used for pulp dyeing.


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Post time: Aug-21-2019