New Year Holiday is coming, Sulphur black production more tight, Order Now !

Sulphur black dye is insoluble in water, so sulphur dye itself has no dyeing ability to cotton.

However, it has good dyeing performance for cotton when sulphur black is reduced to Cryptochrome in the aqueous solution of sodium sulfide (Na2S).

So the dyeing of sulphur black should be carried out in the solution of sulfurized alkali, and a variety of auxiliaries such as soda ash and sodium hydroxide should be added.

Sulphur black BR is specially used for cotton, paper and leather. With low cost and good dyeing uptake, sulphur black br is widely used for more industries.

Cangzhou Xincheng Weiye Chemical is the specialized in producing various percentages of sulphur black like 150%, 160%, 180%, 200%, 220%, 240%. 

In Jan. 25th, China New Year Holiday will start, our production line is full even work overtime. 

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